Balloon Loans

The security you need

A short-term loan that offers lower monthly payments

Our five-year balloon mortgage loan helps get you in the home of your dreams.
Fixed for five years
Lower payments
Owner-occupied or investor
Mortgage Rates as low as APR.

5/30 - the mortgage for you

Our Balloon Mortgage Loan is available for owner-occupied as well as investor properties. It offers a fixed rate for a shorter period of time with smaller monthly payments. One large payment, or balloon payment, is due at the end of the term. At the end of the term, you can refinance your loan, buy a new home or pay it off.
  • Maintain security with a rate that's fixed for five years
  • Save money on your monthly payment because your payments are amortized over 30 years
  • Increase your buying power
Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for a loan online or in-person at a branch.

We offer mortgage, land, construction, small business, educational, personal, auto, and credit card loans.

Our current loan rates can be found on our rates page.

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