Online Banking Safety Tips

Your online security is our priority

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Your Online Banking password is for you alone.

If someone asks for your password, do not give it out. Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union and our affiliates will never ask for your password. Your Online Banking password is not needed to help you or service your account. Your password is for you alone and should remain secret.

Never give out your secure access code.

If you are prompted for a secure access code when logging into Online Banking, or when making a change within Online Banking, never give that code to anyone. It Is meant to keep you safe and confirm it's really you who is logging in or making the change. At Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union and with our affiliates, this information is not needed to assist you, and should never be given out. It is for your eyes only.

Be aware of phone scams.

Never let an unknown person or company remotely connect to your PC, or login to your Online Banking account. Even if the person sounds like they are from a legitimate company. The only person that should have access to your Online Banking is you. If you need assistance with creating a transaction in eBranch or Mobile Banking, please contact us at 808-930-7700, we are always happy to help you.
If you are ever in doubt about a call claiming to be from or representing Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union, please hang up and call us at 808-930-7700. Your account safety is important to us. We are happy to help you and confirm whether a call, text, or email is legitimate or not.

Click here to visit our Security Center for more tips and information.
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