Share Savings

Make ownership count

When you're a member, you're an owner

Our Share Savings account establishes your membership, putting you on the path to lifelong membership.
All members are owners
Low initial deposit
Easy access

The right way to start

Your Share Savings account is your key to membership with Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union. Once opened, you have access to our other products and services. Your Share Savings account is perfect for an everyday saver.

  • Low deposit requirement of $50
  • Instant access to your funds with ATM cards, eBranch Online Banking and Mobile Banking
Frequently Asked Questions

Designed for our young members, our Youth Savings account allows your keiki 18 years of age or younger to start saving early. With a Youth Savings account, an adult or parent is required to hold joint-membership of the account until the minor is of age to hold the account alone.

Account is eligible for Deposit Days.
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Pay bills, deposit checks, transfer money and more - quickly and easily.
Join our ohana.
Together, we can do great things.
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