Signs of Identity Theft

Know what to look for to avoid trouble

Identity theft protection starts with awareness

At Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union, we want to empower you with information you need to spot the red flags of identity theft. Our combined efforts can help protect your personal information and sensitive data.

Recognize the warning signs
Stay vigilant to protect yourself
Report suspicious activity quickly

Know what to look for

Guarding against identity theft requires on-going monitoring and taking preventative measures. These suspicious activities could be signs of identity theft.

Spot These Nine Common Signs

  • Unexplained charges or withdrawals on your monthly account statements
  • Medical bills from doctors you haven't visited
  • New credit cards you never applied for
  • Errors and suspicious activity on your credit report
  • Collections notices for unknown debt
  • Denied applications for credit cards and loans when you've been approved previously
  • Missing mail, which could mean someone changed your forwarding address
  • Errors in your tax return or Social Security statement
  • An arrest warrant for you, which could mean someone committed a crime using your identity

Additional Resources

Click here to visit our Security Center for more tips and information. 

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