Share Savings

Make ownership count

When you're a member, you're an owner

Our Share Savings account establishes your membership, putting you on the path to lifelong membership.

All members are owners
Low initial deposit
Easy access

The right way to start

Your Share Savings account is your key to membership with Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union. Once opened, you have access to our other products and services. Your Share Savings account is perfect for an everyday saver.

  • Low deposit requirement of $50
  • Instant access to your funds with ATM cards, eBranch Online Banking and Mobile Banking

Join our Ohana

Together, we can do great things
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Vacant Land Loans

If your idea of homeownership includes a plot of land and unique blueprints, we’ll help finance your dreams. Our competitive rates, simple application process and quick closing provide the funding you need to create a special home.

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