Share Certificates

Short-term savings

Share Certificates help you reach that goal

A Share Certificate can provide you with a higher dividend rate than a regular savings account.

Higher dividend rates
Low minimum balances

Perfect options to save

Our Share Certificate terms range from 3 months to 60 months. Choose the length of the term you'd like to secure your funds and earn a guaranteed dividend. Each term has a different minimum balance.

  • 3-Month: $2000
  • 6-Month: $1000
  • 9-Month: $1000
  • 12-Month: $1000
  • 18-Month: $500
  • 24-Month: $500
  • 36-Month: $500
  • 48-Month: $500
  • 60-Month: $500
  • 12-Month Budget: $200*

* Our 12-Month Budget Share Certificate is a great way to earn higher dividends without have the same rules as a Share Certificate. Throughout your 12-month term you can deposit into your share certificate in $50 increments. Plus, you can make a one-time withdrawal from your Budget Share Certificate without incurring any penalties as long as you keep the minimum $200 balance.

A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal of a share certificate. If any early withdrawal is made for a portion of your certificate, with at least the minimum balance remaining, the penalty will be assessed only on the amount withdrawn. If any early withdrawal is made for an amount that reduces the certificate balance below the minimum balance required, then the penalty will be assessed as if the entire amount of the certificate had been withdrawn. If you withdraw and take your Share Certificate below the minimum balance required you must close the entire share certificate.

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