CALL-24 Phone Teller

Call 808-329-9440 or 800-303-9440

Manage your account through our automated phone banking service

Take care of your credit union tasks on your time and from anywhere. We're committed to providing easy-to-use convenient services that save you time, just like CALL24 Automated Phone Teller.

24/7 access
Quick and convenient
Secure access via personal PIN

Your account is just a phone call away

First, visit one of our branches to create a unique PIN for security, and then access our automated system by calling 808-329-9440 or 800-303-9440. Follow the prompts to complete these tasks, and note that transactions post immediately:

  • Make balance inquiries
  • Verify cleared checks
  • Confirm withdrawals and deposits
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Get updated rates and Visa® information

Helpful Tips

  • Press the pound (#) key to return to previous menu
  • Use the star (*) key as the decimal point when entering dollars and cents
  • CALL24 will verify each amount before proceeding
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and free of interference
  • If your phone has a "pulse-tone" switch, set it to "tone" to communicate with our automated system

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With Mobile Banking, our services are always at hand because your busy life demands it. Pay bills, deposit checks, transfer money and take care of other financial tasks quickly, using our free mobile app. You bank on your time, anytime.

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