ACH Electronic Services

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Set up automatic transfers that save you time

We do all we can to make banking quick and easy so you have more time to spend with your family. Our Electronic ACH Services do just that.

Easy way to build up savings
Set up through your employer
Direct your money to any account

Move money effortlessly

If you want to build up your savings account or automatically pay a loan with part of your paycheck, we'll get you started with payroll deduction and payroll distribution services. You decide where your money goes and how much. Here's what you need:

  • Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union's routing number: 321379818
  • Your checking and/or savings account number
  • That's all it takes, and we'll step in to ensure everything is seamless every month.

You also can set up direct deposit into your Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union, and you can set up automatic deposits of your Social Security check and other federal benefit payments, too.

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Mobile App

With Mobile Banking, our services are always at hand because your busy life demands it. Pay bills, deposit checks, transfer money and take care of other financial tasks quickly, using our free mobile app. You bank on your time, anytime.

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