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Effective Date: November 27, 2015

   November 27, 2015
PROGRAMRATE POINTS PAYMENT*APR*1st Adj Rate**1st Adj Payment**
3/1/30 ARM Owner-Occupied2.500%0.000$790.243.104%3.250%$863.28
5/1/30 ARM Owner-Occupied2.750%0.000$816.483.095%3.250%$862.51
7/1/30 ARM Owner-Occupied3.000%0.000$843.213.154%3.250%$864.88
5/30 Balloon Owner-Occupied2.750%0.000$816.482.761%N/AN/A
3/30 Balloon Investor4.000%0.000$954.833.993%N/AN/A
5/30 Balloon Investor4.250%0.000$983.884.252%N/AN/A
30 Year Fixed Rate3.875%2.000$940.473.920%N/AN/A
30 Year Fixed Rate4.000%1.000$954.834.046%N/AN/A
15 Year Fixed Rate3.125%2.000$1,393.223.200%N/AN/A
15 Year Fixed Rate3.250%1.000$1,405.343.326%N/AN/A
PROGRAMRATE POINTS PAYMENT*APR*1st Adj Rate***1st Adj Payment***
HELOC Owner-Occupied 1 year Fixed1.000%0.000$753.744.778%5.000%$1,169.18
HELOC Owner-Occupied 3 year Fixed3.000%0.000$948.424.661%5.000%$1,169.18
HELOC Owner-Occupied 5 year Fixed4.000%0.000$1,055.674.728%5.000%$1,169.18
HELOC Owner-Occupied 7 year Fixed4.500%0.000$1,111.664.860%5.000%$1,169.18
PROGRAMRATE POINTS PAYMENT*APR*1st Adj Rate**1st Adj Payment**
3/1/30 ARM Owner-Occupied3.250%0.000$2,828.843.261%3.250%$2,828.84
5/1/30 ARM Owner-Occupied3.500%0.000$2,918.793.349%3.250%$2,841.20
7/1/30 ARM Owner-Occupied4.000%0.000$3,103.203.614%3.250%$2,880.39
5/30 Balloon Owner-Occupied3.500%0.000$2,918.793.483%N/AN/A

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Hawaii Community FCU does not guarantee the availability of any particular interest rate, and any interest rate information provided to you is solely for your information and may be changed by Hawaii Community FCU at any time.  Certain conditions apply.  The rates and information are based on a variety of assumptions and conditions and will depend upon the specific characteristics of your mortgage loan and credit profile.

* Payment amount and APR based on $650,000 for Jumbo and $200,000 for all others.

**The 1st Adjusted Rate and 1st Adjusted Payment are based on the current index plus the margin at the time of the effective date shown above, and are only an example of what your rate and payment would be if your loan adjustment date was the date shown above.  The First Adjusted Rate and First Adjusted Payment may differ when the term for your initial rate expires.  Your mortgage will change on the adjustment dates and will be equal to an index, which is the average Interbank offered rates for one-year, U.S. dollar-denominated deposits in the London marked (LIBOR) as published daily in The Wall Street Journal, plus a margin of 2.25% for 30-year loans, and 2.50% for 40-year loans.