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Fee Schedule As a member, you qualify for the following low fees.

Effective Date: March 1, 2015

This Fee Schedule is applicable to all of your accounts at Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union as of March 1, 2015. This schedule is incorporated as part of your account agreement with the Credit Union. The following fees may be assessed in connection with your accounts.

Annual Meeting TicketsPrice Varies
Automated Clearing House (ACH): 
Stop payment on a pre-authorized transfer (each item)$25.00
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee (each debit item)$25.00
Automated Teller Machine (ATM):  
Purchase or replacement fees for CUTEL(SM) ATM Card:  
First card (also joint owner/member)No charge
Additional card (each)$5.00
If member has a Debit card, First ATM card$5.00
Defective card (each)$5.00
Lost card (each)$5.00
Stolen card (each)$5.00
ATM access to share account (waived if average daily balance (ADB) maintained in account is $250 or more each month)$2.00
NSF (per transaction) (any ATM transaction which causes the balance in your account to fall below minimum balance, pledge amount or check hold amount when ATM is off-line)$25.00
Transaction fee:  
CUTEL ATMNo charge
Non-CUTEL ATM (after first six transactions per month):  
ATM withdrawal$1.00
ATM transfer$0.50
Non-HCFCU cards at CUTEL ATM's  
For each withdrawal$2.00
This phone teller system (CALL24) allows members to access their accounts by using a touch-tone telephone.  
Monthly serviceNo charge 
TransactionNo charge
Cashier's Check (face value each):  
$5,000 or less$5.00
More than $5,000$7.00
Copy of paid check (per check)$2.00
Stop payment order (per order)$25.00
E-Branch Online Services:  
Annual feeNone
Monthly Service ChargeNone
Each electronic account statementNo charge
Each VISA electronic statementNo charge
Online bill payment: 
Annual feeNone
Monthly service chargeNone
Per payment chargeNone
Stop payment (per order)$25.00
Copy of check (per check)$10.00
NSF (per occurrence)$25.00
Facsimile Transmission (FAX) (each page) 
Outgoing local transmission$0.50
Outgoing interisland transmission$1.00
Outgoing mainland transmission$1.50
Outgoing international transmission$5.00
Any incoming transmission$0.50
InstaCheck Debit Card (upon approval): 
Purchase or replacement: 
First card (also joint owner/member)No charge
Additional card (each)$5.00
Defective card (each)$5.00
Lost or stolen card (each)$5.00
Special Card Handling (each)$25.00
Account transfer (each transfer)$5.00
Overdraft (each transaction)$25.00
Draft Retrieval Request (Sales Slip Copy) (each)$12.00
Legal Notice Processing: 
Tax lien (each)$20.00
Garnishment (each)$20.00
Share Account:  
Below minimum ADB fee (per month)None
Checking Account 
Below minimum ADB fee (per month)None
Money Manager Checking and Savings Accounts: 
Below minimum ADB fee (per month)$20.00
Premium Saver Checking and Savings Accounts: 
Below minimum ADB fee (per month)$20.00
Checking, Money Manager Checking and Premium Saver Checking Account Fees: 
Copy of cancelled check (per check)$2.00
NSF (per occurrence)$25.00
Overdraft (per occurrence)$25.00
Stop payment order (per order) (waived if stolen)$25.00
Hard copy history (per page)$2.00
Starter kit (each) (waived on new accounts)$3.00
Statement copy (each)$5.00
Check Advantage Plus fee (per month)$5.00
Money Order: (per order up to $1,000) (fee waived if member has direct deposit or  
net payroll with Credit Union)$1.00 
Non-electronic Bill Payment: 
Stop payment order (per order)$5.00
Not-for-Profit Club/Corporation Account: 
Below minimum balance (per month)No charge
Notary Public (per day):  
Up to 3 notarizations (per member only)No charge
Each notarization beyond 3 (per member only)$5.00 
Non-membersAs set by Hawaii law
Photocopy (per page):$0.25
Safe Deposit Box:  
Deposit (per box) $25.00
Annual Rental (per box:  
3"x10"x22" box $35.00
5"x10"x22" box$50.00
Replace lost or stolen key and refit with a new lockActual cost
Late payment of annual rental (one time fee)$5.00
Small Business Account with Draft Access (see brochure for each level of fees)Varies
Tax Preparation: (Depending on the types and number of forms)Varies
Traveler's Check:  
Single signature travelers check (waived if member has direct deposit or net payroll; 
with Credit Union, or purchased from loan proceeds of $500 or more)1% of face amount
Dual signature travelers check1.5% of face amount
Wire Transfer:  
Wires received No charge 
Domestic wires (regular, recurring and third party): 
$0 to $4,999.00 wire amount (each)$25.00
$5,000 and greater wire amount (each) $40.00
International wire (each wire) (US currency):  
$0 to $4,999.99 wire amount (each)$80.00
$5,000 and greater wire amount (each)$100.00 
Other Service Fees: 
Account closed within 90 days of open date (per account)$20.00
Non-current address (per month, per account)$5.00
Deposit item returned (per item)$10.00
Check accepted subject to collection (per check)$25.00
Account statement copy (each)$5.00
Research and reconciliation of any account (per 15 minutes or fraction thereof)$6.00
Abandoned property (per item, per month)$5.00
Courtesy Pay Fee (per occurrence)$25.00
Copies of canceled checks (per month) $5.00
Signature GuaranteeNo Charge
Copy of Deposited Check$10.00