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Loans & CreditFind answers to all your questions about loans and credit programs here.

Personal Loan

Signature Loans

Need quick cash? It's easy to get if you have good credit history. Apply for a Signature Loan today. You can borrow as much as $20,000 and take as long as five years to pay it back. No collateral required.

Line of Credit

This loan gives you as much as $20,000 ready cash via a line of credit. You can elect to protect your checking account from incidental overdraft charges by using this line of credit for overdraft protection.

Share-Secured Loans

This loan is secured by your Share Savings Account. You get immediate approval, saving you time and hassle. A low interest rate saves money. Plus, your shares still earn interest during the life of the loan. It's a great way for college students or others starting out to begin establishing credit.

Certificate-Secured Loans

Like a Share-Secured Loan, except this loan is secured by your Share Certificates. You'll continue to earn interest on your Share Certificates while the loan is active. Benefits include immediate loan approval and good interest rates.  

Guarantor Loans

This loan is often used by gainfully employed, first-time borrowers who wish to establish credit. The loan is granted to the member, based on a guarantee by a qualified applicant, who need not be a credit union member. Unlike a co-signer, the guarantor signs as an additional party on the loan, and provides back-up responsibility for the borrower. Maximum loan amount is $10,000. 

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